Hardware & Software

The term hardware refers to the physical components forming the computer which are nothing but input, output, storage and processing units and additional accessories.

The term of software refers to programs which are invisible to the eye and which are essential to be made use by the user to run on the computers either to run the system or to run his job. Software is a set of programs and the program is a set of the instructions. An instruction is any character or word or group of words which instruct the computer in a way that the computer can understand.

Software is broadly classified into two types.
(a) System Software
(b) Applications Software

System Software:
System Software is used to run the system and control the system. System software mainly consists of operating system and maintenance tools.
Operating system acts as the interface between the applications software and the hardware. it consists of  3 basic modules. Namely (a) I-O Control (b) File Control (c) Process Control
The operating  system is a set of programs that are used to make the resources of the computers to be available  to the user of the application software. The maintenance tools include antivirus tool kit and some utilitie software to make the system run in good condition. Anti Virus tool kit is software to fight the virus and protect the stem from bugs and troubles. These bugs and troubles are created by the virus, the software to disturb the maintenance and running of the computer and software in good condition.

Application Software:
Application software is that which is used by the user for writing his own applications. It is sub-divide into 3 categories
a) Application Programs
b) Programming Languages
c) Utilities

a) Application Programs
An Application program is a software designed for a specific type of applications like documentation, graphics etc.,

b) Programming Languages
programming language is a language which is used to write some programs to do a specific job. It  is universal in nature.

c) Utilities
Utilities are one type of software which give support for the user in using other type of Application Software.

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