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Computers are now affecting every of human activity are bringing about many changes in Government, Education, Industry, etc. The computers we see today is quite different from the one made in the beginning. The number of applications of a computer has increased the speed and accuracy of calculation has increased. computers are presently used

Applications of Computers:
There are 2 types of applications of Computers for Business Purpose and Office Purpose:
• One of handing large volumes of data.
• Second one preparation reports, letters and documents etc.,

Office Use:-
Computer helps to store the information of employees in an office.

Railways / Airlines:-
Computers are used at the reservation counters to keep the details of the seats available in trains and airlines.

Computer are used to detect diseases of patients.

Also used and linking, universities and research laboratories..

• Improving the standard of education and performance.
• Doing the scientific experiments with the latest advancements.

The most Common uses for the computer within the home

    * Computer Games
    * Working from Home
    * Banking from Home
    * Connecting to the internet

Importance of Computers in (Our) Daily Life:

    * Reservation of tickets in Airlines & Railways
    * Payment of Telephone & Electricity bills
    * Deposited and withdrawals of money from Banks (Internet Banking)
    * Medical Diagnosis and Weather forecasting
    * Managing Accounts
    * Playing Computer Games
    * Educational use
    * Supermarkets
    * Working from home (Tele-working)
    * Internet

What is a Computer
I guess the easiest way I can explain it is as a computer is electronic device that is designed to automatically accept input (data), stores and process them producing output (results). It can process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.
The word computer comes from the word “compute” which means calculate.

How computers work
Computers process information using the instructions from the user to produce the desired result. The instruction that you feed in the computer, through a software, is the basic input. This input could be fed through a key board. These instructions are then sent to the processor known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for processing. After proceeding has been performed, sends the result, known as the output to the screen or printer as desired by you

Advantages of Computers:
The number of ways to that computers effect human lives is uncountable. Computers can perform all the functions that a human being can do, to a certain extent, but at a much faster speed and with greater accuracy.
A computer makes the job much simpler and most of all, the least time consuming.

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