Third Generation Computers

Third Generation Computers:
The Third Generation Computers were introduced in 1964. These computers used integrated circuit ( I.C's). These were much efficient than the earlier ones. These IC’s are popularly known as Chips. A single IC (Integrated Circuit) has many transistors, registers and capacitors built on a single thin slice of silicon. In this period the size of main memory reached 4 MB, of secondary storage reached 100 MB. Some of the computers developed during this period were IBM-360, ICL-1900, and VAX-750. Higher level language such as BASIC (Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was developed during this period.
These computers were highly reliable, small in size, cheaper, large memory and processing speed is very high.than the second generation computers. 3rd generation computers used Small Scale Integrated circuits (SCIC) and Medium Scale Integrated Circuits (MSIC).

IBM System-360


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