What is Mouse and Types of Mouse

A Mouse is hand held pointing device that allows you to control your computer without having to type in instructions at the keyboard. It connected to computer by a cable. It usually contains two or three buttons.

The mouse is kept on a flat surface. When you move the mouse on the flat surface, the mouse pointer also moves in the same direction on the screen. It is used to move the cursor on the screen. And pressing the buttons on the mouse lets you select options and to execute commands on the screen. The cursor moves very fast with mouse giving you more freedom to work in any direction. Mouse is very useful and easy to choose specific options from the menu.

 There are many different types of mouse available today in the market
Serial Mouse : This type of mouse with a serial connector, it requires a free serial port on your PC.

PS/2 Mouse : This type of mouse is connected  to a PS/2  port.

Optical Mouse : This type of mouse uses a laser for detecting the mouse movement. It doesn’t need a mouse pad. And they are more reliable and require less maintenance.

USB Mouse : This type of mouse is connected to the USB connector and requires a free USB port.

Cordless Mouse : This type of mouse has no cable, it used batteries for its power supply. This type of mouse not connected to the computer. They used infrared or radio waves to communicate with the computer. 

Wireless Mouse : A wireless mouse is connected to the computers using Bluetooth technology, except that no cable is used to connect the mouse to the computer.


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