What is Speakers and How it Works

These are connected to the mother board through a cable. Speakers allow you to listen to music and hear sound effects that are played through programs on computer, it usually played through speakers. And also speaker is used to produce beeps by POST (Power-On-Self -Test) to indicate certain results.

There are different types of speaker systems available in the market.

Some of them are described below.

2.0 Speakers : It is a two speaker sound system. it is commonly used on desktop speakers.

2.1 Speakers : It uses two stereo speakers and a subwoofer

5.1 Speakers : It is also called as surround sound speakers. It used two front speakers, two rear speakers and center speaker plus one subwoofer

Home Theater Speakers : Home Theater Speakers are all in one speaker system, includes  front left and front right center speakers, surround sound speakers (it also called for rear channel speakers) and other subwoofer.

Surround Speakers : This type of speakers will enhance your experience and you will hear a much realistic sound.

Wireless Speakers : This type of speakers fully wireless connectivity amongst stereo speakers and surround sound speakers.


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