What is Digitizer and How it Work

Digitizer (also known as Drawing Tablets, Graphics Tablets and Digitizer Tablets) is a graphical input device that convert analog documents, graphic, picture, maps and other data into digital form which can be sent to the computer for processing and storage in memory. It is also called pointer device or optical device. An example of digitizer is a Graphic Tablet. This input device is very useful when drawing large drawings, maps etc, and also great time savers when entering data into CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. Digitizer generally used in Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.

A digitizer consists of a flat glossary surface and a pointing device similar to a pen, when the pointing device moves across the glassy surface a pointer on the screen moves according to the pointer device movements. We can draw picture/image/map or select an application by pressing the pointing device and moves it according to the picture.


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