What is Motherboard and Parts of a Motherboard

Motherboard is the Central Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of modern computers. It is one of the main part of a computer and allows the CPU, RAM and all other computer components to function with each other. All computer components attached to the motherboard, it contains the connectors for attaching additional boards and other peripherals like ports, expansion slots, and memory chips that control functions like video and networking. All the main parts of the components plug into the motherboard to share data. The motherboard also known as Main board, System board and Logic board.

 Parts of a Motherboard :

•    Central Processing Unit (CPU) Socket : For connecting computer processor.

•    Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Slot : For connect Graphics cards, Sound cards, Ethernet cards and Modems etc.

•    CMOS Battery : It’s used for storing data such as system date and time.

•    Floppy Drive Connector :  For connecting Floppy Drive.

•    RAM slots (DIMM and SIMM) : They are  two types, one of the DIMM stands for (Double Inline Memory Module) slots and another SIMM stands for (Single Inline Memory Module). These types of slots are hold the RAM chips of your computer.

•    IDE/SATA Connector : This type of connector  used for Hard disks, CD drives, and DVD drives.

•    Parallel or (LPT) Port (25 pin D connector) : For connect Scanners and Printers.

•    Power Connector (20 pin connector) : The main power supply connector is the most important cable that proceeds from the power supply.

•    PS/2 Connector : It’s used to connect for the keyboard and the mouse.

•    USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port : It’s used for connecting pen drives, external hard drives and  portable data storage device.

•    Game Port (15 pin D connector) : It’s used to connect all gaming devices for example, a Joystick.

•    Sound Card Connector : It’s used to connect Microphone or Speakers.

•    Display Connector : It’s used to Connecting Monitor.

•    COM (Communication) Port : It’s used to connect Mouse and Modem.

•    Microphone Connector : It’s used for connecting the microphone to the computer.


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