What is Printer and Types of Printers

It is an important output device which can be used to print a document from a computer. It transfers data from a computer on to paper. A document created on a computer you can send it to a printer for a printout. There are different types of printers depending on their speed and approach of printing. The speed of the printer is rated either pages per minute (PPM) or characters per second (CPS). Most of the documents are printed on a black & white printer, if you decide to print a color printout you can use a color printer. Some printers are all in one or multi purpose devices that can also copy, fax, and scan documents.

Printers are classified into two types :

(i) Impact Printers : Ex :- Dot-matrix Printers, Daisy Wheel Printers, Line Printers.
Advantage : Inexpensive, Multi copy forms.
Disadvantage : Slow and Loud, low Quality Graphics

(ii) Non impact Printers : Ex :- Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Thermal Printers.
Advantage : Quiet, Handle Graphics, Various fonts.
Disadvantage : Expensive.

The main types of printers are i) Dot-matrix Printers ii) Laser Printers iii) Inkjet Printers

Dot-matrix Printer :

It is the most commonly used printer. It prints one character at a time and its printing speed various in the range of 30 to 600 characters per second. This type of printer prints one line of the text from left to right then it prints next line from right to left. Dot-matrix printer is a noisy printer and print quality is very low.

Laser Printer :
These are high speed and high quality printers. It prints one page at a time and produce high quality output. Laser printers produce around 20,000 characters per second. Low speed laser printers produce 4 to 8 pages per minute and high speed printers can produce 12 or more pages per minute. The print speed of a Laser Printers measured in pages per minute (PPM).

Inkjet Printer :

The most popular printers available in the market today is inkjet printer. A typical inkjet printer provides a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Some inkjet printers use a single cartridge with three ink colors (cyan, magenta and yellow). And some few models require separate cartridges for each primary pigment, along with four colors (CMYK) cyan, magenta, yellow and black. A color laser printer can print 3 to 4 pages per minute in color, and a monochrome printer can print up to 12 to 14 (ppm) in monochrome.


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