External Commands - I


This Command is used to Change or Display or Delete the Current or Specified disk drive volume label.


Ex: Volume in Drive A is....


It creates a new disk for recording purpose well formatting creates tracks and sectors and directory area FAT area, well disk is formatted it will be loose all the information prior to formatting. If any found on the disk.

Syntax : Format [Drive: ] [/S] [/B] [/U] [/Q] [/V : Label] 

[F : Size] [/1] [/4] [/8]

[/S] : Formats the disks and transfers the DOS system file on the formatted disk. The system files or IO-Sys. MS-DOS sys. Command.Com and Drv. Spice.Bin

[/B] : Formats the disk and reverse space for DOS system files to be transferred on to the target disk. The Floppy or disk thus formatted can get the system file transferred the on to it by using the sys.Command.

[/U] : Specifies unconditional formatting due to which the disk thus formatted cannot be unformatted at a later stage for setting the old information.

[/Q]  :This switch is used to format on already used disk at a faster rate by deleting or Removing

the file allocation label.

[ /V : [Label]]

This switch is used to specific a volume label for the target disk being formatted.

[ /F  : [Size]] :

This Switch is used to format a disk in a in a drive whose capacity is more than that of the disk

being formatted.

[/1]  : This switch is used to prepare a single side disk.

[/4]  : This switch is used to prepare a 360 KB floppy in a high density drive (1.2 MB).

[/8]  : This switch is used to prepare a disk with 8 Sectors for track for user with Version 2.00 on early version.


If you want to copy the contents of one floppy disk to another floppy disk. This Command helps to copies the entire files. Exactly as they are on-the source disk on the destination disk.

Syntax : Diskcopy [Drive 1]  [Drive 2]

Ex: A:\> Diskcopy A: C: and press<enter>


This Command Checks the extent of damage and usability on a floppy disk.

Syntax : CHKDSK [Drive: ] [Path] [ File spec ] [ /F ]

[/F]  : Repairs any error found in any the directory and FAT structure.

Ex : A:\> CHKDSK A: press<enter> 


If you erased one file, and then you want to call it once again if you use undelete command.

Syntax : UNDELETE [ /List ] [ /All ]

[/ List] : Lists the files that can be deleted, without actually recovering any of the files. 

[/ ALL] : Recover all the deleted files without asking you to confirm each file.

Ex: A:\> Undelete yourname.dat press<enter>


It is used to copy the files selectively from one or more sub-directories.

Syntax: X COPY [Drive: ] [ Path ] [ Drive: ]

[Path] [/A ] [/d : Date ] [/E ] [ /M ] [ /P ] [ /S ] [/V] [ /W ]


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