External Commands - II

Indicates the name of Source and Target Drives path name.

[/A ] : Copies the Source files that have their Archive Bit Set.
[/D ] : Copies the Source files Modified or Specified Date.
[/E ] : Copies any Sub-Directories even if they are empty.
[/M ] : After copying a file it turns off the copy of each file.
[/P ] : Issues a prompt asking to confirm the copy of each file.
[/S ] : Copies Directories and Lower level Sub Directories unless they are empty.
[/V ] : Causes XCOPY to verify each file as it is written.
[/W] : Makes XCOPY wait before it starts any file.

This Command is used to give the help about the various DOS Commands.
Syntax: HELP [Command]

This Command is used to make DOS Remember all the Commands that you enter.
This is allows DOS to remember DOS Commands and permits the user to move cursor along the command like adding DOS Command before they are invoked.
Syntax : Dos key Macro = Commands {/Options}
Doskey does not effects the standard DOS function key but it adds function keys of its own.

Changes Command line editing to insert mode as the default, press the insert key to do toggle between insert and overstrike mode.

Changes the Command line editing to over strike mode as the default this is the default state if no option are used press the insert key to toggle between the overstrike and insert in insert mode.  .

it installs the additional copy of DOS key in Ram clears the current Command Buffer resets new option  specified on the command each time.

Specifies the size of the Command, Buffer, where NNNN is the size is how many bytes occupied. The default size of bytes is 512

Display all the stored Command lines.

Display all the Doskey Macros.

This command gives much support for the printer to print graphics using the print screen.
Syntax : Graphics [/R] [/B]
[/R] : Removes the attribute of the fore ground, back ground colour on the Monitor. 
[/B] : Forces the printer to print the back ground Colour also.


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