Introduction to MS-DOS

Every Computer that uses disks must have a master program that coordinates the flow of information from computer to disk. This is called the Disk Operating System or DOS.

MS-DOS: Acronym for Microsoft - Disk Operating System. It is a single tasking and single user operating system with a command line interface. MS-DOS released in 1981 when it was used on an IBM PC’s compatibles.

Software is the set of programmes for a specific purpose, and programme is set of instructions or commands to attain the solution of a particular Job.
        An Operating System is a set of programs which access the system resources and present in a  manner. Which the user can interrupted.

An Operating System consists of three basic Modules.
1)  File Control System.
2)  Process Control System.
3)  I/O Control System.

File Control System:
It deals with the organization of data on the storage devices and accessing of the same.
Process Control System:
It deals with the execution of a program or instruction.
I/O Control System:
It deals with the Controlling of the I/O Operations with different peripherals of the system.


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