What is Operating System and Types of Operating System

An operating system is a set of programs. It is the interface between user and computer. It crates the user friendly environment. The operating system collets the various recourses ( printer, tape, disks etc.,)  and grant these resources to various process. For an example we want to copy a program in DOS operating system, just we type the command that will copy the program ( C: copy source destination).
Ex: we want to copy a program without operating system, then we have to write a program for copy command, then only we can copy the file. It is very difficult processing, so the main purpose of the operating system is to crate user friendly environment.


In early 1980. When the IBM Computer Company was search of the Operating System. Which can take the full advantage of the system. It was released in 1981 on August 11th  , The IBM was named the operating system as P.C.DOS. Then the 86 DOS was Changed into DOS for IBM Corporation by Tim Paterson.

Unix is also a multi user Operating System. It is developed in 1967 at  'C' Language is the middle Level Language developed for developing Unix laborating system at Berkeley Laboratory

Xenix is a modified from 'F' unix workable on all PC's. VAX Operating System is generally meanted for main for mainframe computers.

Z-80 is Zelog unix Operating System.

Types of Operating System: 

The Operating System mainly classified into following types.

1. Single user Operating System.

2. Multi user Operating System.

3. Time Sharing Operating System.
4. ON Line Operating System.
5. Multi Programming Operating System.
6. Multi Process of Operating System.
7. Virtual Operating System.

The Multi Processor and the time sharing Operating System are named by the Concept of instructions. Single User Operating System:
Example:         (a) PC. DOS 
                       (b) MS-DOS

Multi User Operating System:
Example:          Unix, Xenix, VAX


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