Versions of DOS

Version 1.0:
It was introduced in Year 1981. The RAM Capacity was less than 255 Kilo bits. The version supported single sided Density (S.S.D) of 16 KB.         

Version 1.25:
It was introduced in year 1982. It supported S.S.D of 180 K.B. The RAM Capacity restore to 256 K.B.

Version 2.0:
It was released in 1983. Along with IBM P.C.AT. It Supported Hard Disk with 1 KB Capacity and floppy disk with 360 KB.
RAM Capacity has been restored to 512 KB supported for future like Sub-directories has been introduced.

Version 2.10:
This has been fixed up all the bugs an Countered in earlier versions. Hard Disk handling futures have been refine it was released in the year 1983.

Version 3.0:
This was released in year 1983 along with IBM PC - 80. Support for larger Capacity of hard disk and floppies. RAM has been increased to 640 KB. A new key board has been introduced with 101 keys. Also device drivers introduced.

Version 3.10:
This was introduced in 1985. Supported for Net working and Communications facilities has availed.

Version 3.20:
This was released in 1986. It supported 3 1/2 inch low density disk. Bugs uncounted in Net working has been removed.

Version 3.30:
This was released in 1986. It supported 3 1/2 inch High density disk.

Version 4.0:
This was introduced in 1988. The user interface has been changed completely from character user interface (CUI), Graphic user interface (GUI). The directory Structure has been modified a new future called S.L.No. is added to identific the disk.

Version 4.01:
This was released in 1989 and this is a bug free version of 4.0.

Version 5.0:
This was introduced in 1991. The Graphic user interface include on line help for DOS Commands has been introduced, also unformat and delete has been introduced.

Version 6.0:
This was introduced in 1992. The future of on line help has been included.

Version 6.01:
Introduced in 1993.

Version 6.22:
Microsoft releases MS-DOS 6.22 in the year 1994/1995

Version 7.0:
PC DOS 7: It is the latest version released in the year 1995. 


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