Automatic / Quick Shutdown your computer

Automatic / Quick Shutdown your computer
1. Right click on Desktop > Select New  > Shortcut

2. A (Create Shortcut) window appear in the screen. 

In the shortcut window type : shutdown -r -t 01 -c "Rebooting your PC"   >  the message you want to display

3. Select Next

4. Type the Name if anything……. Ex: Shutdown, Turn off etc.,

A new shortcut icon created in the desktop

Now, double click the icon!

Your computer will Automatic / Quick shutdown.

Another Tip:

1. Go to start > Click Run

2. Type :  

shutdown -a  > This will starts a 30 second countdown for a shutdown or restart.

shutdown –s  > Shuts down the computer

shutdown -1  > Log off the computer or current user.

shutdown –f  > This will forcefully closing all of your running applications to shut down.

shutdown –r  > Reboot / Restart the computer

shutdown -f -t xx  > This will turn off your computer after the specified time.

Ex: shutdown -f -t 60  >  if you will enter the parameters as -f -t 60 seconds.
3. Hit Enter Key
That's all.

CAUTION! : These tips and tricks are advanced, we can not guarantee that you will be able to solve your problem that result from using tips and tricks incorrectly and is used at your own risk.
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