Play Pac-Man Game on Google Homepage

  • You can play pacman game in google search engine. 
Google recently introduced a fun feature on their search engine home page to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Pacman with a playable doodle on its home page. This doodle featured actual Pac-Man game that any user could play online.

Want to play pacman game in google
copy and paste this URL into your browser

  • Play Pacman game offline:
You can also play pacman game offline too without Internet access all the time. So you want to download the pacman game and play it even offline.

To play pacman game offline, you can download the source and run the game from your browser anytime.
Download Google Pacman game for offline play
Copy and paste this URL into your browser

Click on the “Download” button

You can choose download source, TAR or ZIP.
After downloading unzip it to a folder of your choice

Once unzipped, you’ll see some files and a folder labeled source.
Double click on the index.html file.

Enjoy this cool pacman game.

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Requirements : Supported Browser


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