What is booting and types of booting

Booting is a process where your computer can be initialized. This process includes all the components of your hardware initializing on your PC and get them to work simultaneously and the standard operating system that your work will make the computer load.

What is booting and types of booting ?

The length of time between the onset of the command prompt or DOS, windows and turn off power to the entire process is known as the boot process.

Types of booting
   a)  Cold Booting
 b)  Warm Booting

What is the difference between Warm and Cold Booting ?

Cold Booting :
If we shut down the computer completely and properly, after a while it starts again on the computer is known as a cold start or cold booting

Warm Booting :
If we take the computer to restart from the restart button or a key by simply pushing it so Ctrl + Alt + Del is called a warm start or warm booting.

The Minimum requirements for booting to start, we need at least three files
1) ms_dos.sys
3) Command.com
In both files the ms_dos.sys file is a hidden file and the Command.com is a regular file.

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