How to increase Windows XP Performance

How to increase Windows XP Performance :
The computer is an essential part of today's world. We use it for entertainment, work and personal needs and the economy. This is the power of the computer for each user. While there are a lot of versions of Windows, but here are some tips to make your Windows XP to increase performance.

First, you must make sure that the windows are ready with NTFS concept. So how do you confirm what type of system you are using Windows? You just have to go to work, directly on the C drive and select Properties. Then you can see what system you use Windows. If you have Windows with FAT32 file system, then you should switch to NTFS. The main reason is that NTFS safe and reliable, more effectively with large hard drive.

Changing FAT to NTFS format.
You need to create backups of important data on your computer.
Go to the Start menu and click Run type CMD and click OK Button. You will be taken to a DOS program.
FAT32 doesn’t support files more than 4+ Giga Bytes. Here is a workaround to convert your partition to NTFS.
type C: / FS: NTFS. It will convert the Windows system from FAT32 to NTFS.

After converting from Windows, and check if the file system indexing options as well. You can do so through their ownership of C: drive to check. At the end of the qualities that you can have two check boxes, and have this drive, compress and save to hard disk and index them for faster search. Disable improve both the performance of Windows. If the box is also in a way that increases the power of finding files and folders on your computer. But reduces the storage capacity and at the end of your computer slower.

That's another thing that your computer may load more slowly. You must empty the prefetch folder in Windows. You must empty the folder every three months at least. Prefetch folder is a memory for data and applications to use regularly. You can periodically upload the data or folders quickly. But from time to time, this folder is full of data and applications are no longer used. This will affect the loading time of Windows XP and the performance, because the reference folder is loaded as well. Must emptied at least every 3 months. For your information, the contents of the folder is not critical. You can find Windows Prefetch folder in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you've been waiting for invitation to your computer? It could be because of your launcher. The computer has a lot of programs, such as mp3, download anti-virus programs and much more. This makes the operation to increase load time. You have to remove the program that is not necessary when you start Windows. To overcome this, all that you do what you need to disable any program that is not necessary. Do not worry, because this is not always uninstall. It can be used to launch the program when Windows starts. The ability for you to do this is by clicking on the Start menu and then click Run. Type MSCONFIG and you will be brought to the system configuration. To start small, and the software or program that is not so important to start Windows.

These are some things you can do to improve your computer's performance. There are a lot of other things you can do, but it would be more technical and better if you just send your computer a computer technician. I wish for a friend who really beat the computer knowledge.

That's all.

CAUTION! : These tips and tricks are advanced, we can not guarantee that you will be able to solve your problem that result from using tips and tricks incorrectly and is used at your own risk.

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