Cloud Computing

What is Cloud computing?
The Cloud computing is a moderately recent term. This refers to the operation perform standard computer operations in remote locations. Cloud computing is a technology that uses the Internet and a central remote servers to receive data and applications. It allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installing and accessing their personal files on any computer with Internet access. This technology enables a much more efficient computing by centralizing storage space, processing memory, and bandwidth. Standard computing refers to the experience of using your computer to perform tasks such as internet browsing, word processing, making speeches, etc. Cloud computing involves doing some tasks from remote locations, so called "cloud". The idea is that this software is installed on a server else where, and a limited amount of storage space allocated to you, and the function of this software is affected by using a web browser. You can go into your web space, and execute the same operation using the interface that is provided online.  

Cloud computing is important for several reasons. First of all it allows users to access their files and work on them from any location in the world with an Internet connection. It allows users to truly mobile, because most of the work of cloud computing services on the web browser, they are quite device independent, which allows users to use a laptop, tablet pc, or even cell phones to make little changes if needed. Second, it covered the way for a netbook, a computer class with a configuration that enough low-end and very low prices. This device is most suitable for internet browsing, and with cloud computing, they can be used pretty much like a regular computer. Using a cloud computing environment generally requires you to send data over the Internet and store it on a third party system. The privacy and security risks related with this model must be weighed against alternatives. So, this serves as a profitable option, for those interested. Finally, cloud computing also allows for various users view / edit documents at the same time. This is perfect for working scenario.

A simple example of cloud computing services:
Ex: Web-based email services like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail etc.,


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