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At some point in our lives, we have surely stumbled in computing (Portable Document File) PDF. This is very useful for the transmission of documents, including those related diagrams or images must be in one file that looks exactly like the original in any compatible computer or mobile device. Use the fact that almost every modern machine, these files by keeping the original appearance can be combined and this format is very popular.

For example, most modern hardware and software have not kept with the printed manual, but an electronic copy in PDF format on the CD arrives. At the office, we will send you a copy of the invoice in PDF format via e-mail if you can be sure the recipient to see the document exactly as planned. Transfer complex documents into other forms, for example. Doc will mean that the recipient would be unlikely that things exactly as you see whether they have access to all embedded images and fonts, which are often modified to your specific machine.
PDF format created by Adobe in 1993 and all that is needed is to read the files in this format is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from Unfortunately, this software is very bloated in recent years and often can cause your computer to crash or hang, even if the implementation of basic operations. Therefore this week I will have the reader an alternative, which is an essential download for just about anyone who reads this article is to say, even if you have not come into contact with a PDF file, you will soon.

Foxit PDF Reader is an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, which most computer users already have installed on their PC. While both pieces of software to do the same thing basically, Foxit Reader is small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer. Smaller size of the application means that, if a PDF file open on your screen immediately, while in some situations are not sure, I kept waiting literally minutes, if I open some PDF files embedded in e-mail if it offers Adobe tries bloating.

In addition to reading the PDF file only the software, you can also provide PDF files with annotations, so you notes, highlight text and draw graphics before saving or printing the changes. You also have the option for the entire document as a standard text file to save, that means you may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file. It will be useful if you want to import content into applications such as Word for document editing etc.,

Foxit Reader can be downloaded from and next versions of Windows are also options for mobile devices or Linux machines. This software contains no spyware or adware, and pay for itself simply by increasing their brand awareness for a variety of add-ons Foxit and PDF applications are larger, they have to offer. You look at other sites to offer free practical as Outlook PDF Preview Handler allows you to view the contents of a PDF file in Outlook can open it without first.

The average man on the street are most likely to find FoxIt is a better piece of software than the Adobe offers, and this despite the latter with the discovery of the format and benefits from many years of experience, not to mention almost unlimited budget.

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