Folder Size 2.5

Folder Size is a handy shell extension that adds a new column to the details view in Windows Explorer and displays the sizes of files and folders. The main feature of Folder Size is not only shows the size of files, but also the sizes of the folder in details view. You can sort the column just like any other column, and use it to replace the standard file size column; it also displays the size of individual files. Folder Size keeps track of which folders you view, and scans them in the background so you can see complete size of all files in a folder. After displaying the Folder Size column, you’ll see sizes immediately. Large size folders will continue to scan in the background at the same time you browse folders. Explorer will automatically update the folder size column in real-time. No more manual rescanning and installation, you must make sure that Windows Explorer is set to details view, then you can right-click the mouse button anywhere in the right-hand pane and you'll find the new “Folder Size” column option. You will now see the new information when you browse folders. You can also open control panel and see the folder size icon double click the icon and change the settings like service, display etc.,

Folder Size 2.5 32-bit
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Software : Folder Size 2.5


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