Hidden Easter Egg in WinRAR!

  • Hidden Easter Egg in WinRAR!
WinRAR is another compression utility similar to Winzip, it also has a few hidden eggs. You will need to have Winrar which can be downloaded from Below Links

First, make sure you are using the default WinRAR theme
  • Books Fall Down :
First Open Winrar
Go to Help Menu
Then select About WinRAR

Just click on the books on the left side

And you will now see the object they fall to the bottom of the box, producing beep sound every time they hit the bottom
  • Ocean Waves and Sailboat :
> First Open Winrar
Go to HELP menu
Then Click On About Winrar

Click on the WINRAR image on the top

You can watch the ocean waves and waves move, also the sailboat will always appear... you just have to wait a bit. If you will concentrate there you may see a bird flying on the sky sometimes.

Enjoy this cool easter egg.

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Requirements : Winrar


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