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Lock your PC screen when the USB flash drive is removed

Password Booster Screen Lock is a free Windows program that locks your computer screen by using your USB flash drive, is extremely small and very compact program that does not consume many resources. The program can be useful on public and shared computers. The application interface comprises only Enable/Disable buttons that you disable or enable the functionality, and another button is "Setup" to configure the USB memory to use. You can also enable/disable the application by right-clicking the system tray icon. You can click the Exit button to completely terminate the Password Booster Screen Lock program. You must then login again to activate the Screen Lock, or you can launch Password Booster Screen Lock from the Start Menu.

Simply insert your USB flash drive by clicking Setup button and select register a flash drive, to make it the locking device. Once you are done, insert a USB drive in your PC (remove and reinsert if it’s already in your PC). So, with that USB device, you can block Windows without much difficulty.

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