Change Your Facebook Login Screen With Your Own Picture

Change your Facebook Login Screen with your own picture

How to Change your facebook login screen with your own background
Requirement: Should have Google Chrome installed in your Computer/Laptop
1. First Download Extension here
2. After clicking that link, wait for few seconds
3. At the right upper corner of the page again, click “ADD TO CHROME” Button
Complete the process you can customize it with your own picture

How to change/customize the image with your own picture?
First Go to Settings – Tools – Extensions (or) Go to your extensions page type chrome://extensions/

Find the “FB Refresh” Extension then click “Options”
Select your image URL in the box then select if you want it to repeat horizontally or vertically

Then save the settings.
Open your (while you are logged out) and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful to you.

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