Amazing Hidden Google Search Tricks!

Funny And Amazing Google Tricks

Google is one of the most useful and best search engine of the web hold many more tips and tricks of this world. Here are some amazing google tricks that you can do with Google Search Engine. Most of these tricks use the very famous “I’m Feeling Lucky Button”.
Note: To do most of the tricks below, you must turn off Instant Search first then try.

Epic Google:
In this trick you will see the font size of google increasing automatically as if it will come out of your computer screen. To try this trick please Follow the instructions
  • Go to
  • Type Epic Google
  • Click on “I’m feeling Lucky” button

Weenie Google:

This is the opposite of Epic Google. To try this trick,
  • Go to
  • Type Weenie Google
  • Click on “I’m feeling Lucky” button

Google Hacker:

Want to see how the google homepage will look if it gets hacked. Follow the instructions below
  • Go to
  • Type Google Hacker
  • Click on “I’m feeling Lucky” button


In this trick the Google homepage written in backwards (Google Mirror).
  • Go to
  • Type Elgoog
  • Click on “I’m feeling Lucky” button

Annoying Google:
In this trick the capitalization of your searches will change automatically. Some words will change into small letter and some into capital letters in your search result. follow the instructions bellow
  • Go to
  • Type Annoying Google
  • Click on "I’m feeling Lucky" button

Google Gravity:

With this cool trick, you’re going to see Google logo and other stuffs on the Google homepage falling down to the bottom of the browser. To do this trick,
  • Go to
  • Type Google Gravity
  • Click on “I’m feeling Lucky” button

Find Chuck Norris:

  • Go to
  • Type in Find Chuck Norris
  • Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”  button

Google Sphere:

  • Go to
  • Type in Google Sphere
  • Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”  button

If you know other cool Google tricks, you can share them here by leaving your comments below.

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