Assembly And Battle - The Story In The Space

Play Assembly And Battle - The Story In The Space

Play as Michael a spacecraft pilot and get prepared to fight the battle. Use the various hints available during the game play and take part in this deadly shooting game. Space can be really huge and never ending. But only is Assembly and Battle, the player gets into a situation where the life is in stake. However, you can create your own powerful spaceships. The story takes you into world of Michael who is thrown into first battle. As you play through many systems, you meet many enemies and can buy new parts for your ship. When not fighting, you can construct new and better shuttles. The game has its deepness and many possibilities. But learning them takes time. The fights are slightly simple but some harsh moments are with bosses.

How to Play

  • Mouse Mode: Control the Engine power by moving the courser away or close to the craft. The craft follows the cursor. And it auto aims
  • Keyboard Mode: “A” and “D” to turn left and right. “W” to accelerate. Guns aims the cursor.
  • Use “Q” to change Modes
  • Hold left Mouse Button to Fire

Super Jet Power:
Hit spacebar to use super jet power if you have engines on the craft. And also, make sure the energy has restored, before using 

Game Instructions:
Control your spaceship in this top-down space shooter. Fire at enemies and enjoy the colorful glow. 

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