Create Free Disposable/Temporary Email Address

How to Create Free Disposable/Temporary e-mail Address!

Create a free disposable email address Click here! It’s really easy to use. helps to protect you from spam mails and could be useful when subscribing to forums or newsletters Create a new email address on All mails to this address will be forwarded to your real email address for a number of times you can set up on the following form. When the limit is reached, the email address will be automatically deleted. All following mails (like spam, newsletter, etc) will be rejected at Firefox Addon is available. This plug-in uses the free DEA service.

TrashMail provides you with a randomly generated temporary e-mail (you also have the option to create your own e-mail name instead of a randomly generated one) and all the e-mail sent to that temporary e-mail is forwarded to your real e-mail. Of course just hiding your e-mail behind another is not fighting spam since spam can continually forward to your real e-mail so to fight the spam TrashMail.

Download Firefox Addon / Plugin
TrashMail Firefox Add-On Version 2.5.0 has been released
Click here to get the Firefox Plugin/Addon
Simply click Add to Firefox 

To make the add-on work you first need to go to and click the register tab. There you create your own account and add your real e-mail address. After that, enter your e-mail address into the add-on and everything will work as intended. Allows the user to manage his disposable addresses and create new ones on the spot for every website that nags you to give them one.

Download instructions:
This time you don't need to wait that Mozilla approves the version 2.5.0. You can already download this new version as version 2.4.9. When Mozilla will give green light for version 2.5.0, Firefox will update automatically your version to 2.5.0.
Download here
Then click in Firefox in the Menu on File -> Open file -> select trashmail_2.4.9.xpi file
Then restart Firefox. Features:

- Unlimited mail forwarding
E-mails can be forwarded indefinitely with TrashMail Plus.
 No account expiration
TrashMail addresses can last an unlimited time with TrashMail Plus.
 Challenge response system
Filters incoming messages by a CAPTCHA system.
 Send e-mails by web interface
You can send e-mails by a SSL secure web form with TrashMail Plus.
 Open server API
TrashMail's open server API allows everybody to write programs to use the TrashMail service. Currently the Mozilla Firefox Add-On uses TrashMail server API to create disposable e-mail addresses.
 Address name reservation for 365 days
After a TrashMail address has been deleted, the TrashMail address name will be reserved for 365 days for the real e-mail address from which it was used last time before it will be released for other real e-mail addresses.

 Multiple domain names
Currently there are 11 domain names available which can be used for TrashMail:
 Address masking on reply
When someone replies to an TrashMail address, this option can mask the responders e-mail address by replacing the responders e-mail address by the TrashMail account name (just as host name, domain name and IP addresses will also replaced by localhost, localdomain and the IP address
 Distinct e-mail source
Each user can define a key which is used in the TrashMail e-mail header to make sure the e-mail was actually sent by the TrashMail system.
 Additional header information
To each e-mail forwarded to your real e-mail address, a few header lines will be added to provide some additional information for the TrashMail customer:
- distinct e-mail key (X-TrashMail-Key)
- number of forwards left (X-TrashMail-Forwards)
- expiry date (X-TrashMail-Expire_Date)
- link to administration page (X-TrashMail-Modify_Link)
 Backup mail server
If our main server would be offline, then our backup server will take over incoming e-mails. The backup server is located in a different datacenter for high-availability reasons.
 Secure HTTPS requests
Web requests are handled by the encrypted HTTPS protocol.
 Number of maximum active disposable email addresses
- 300 for non Plus members
- 2500 for Plus members
 Support by E-Mail
Customers benefit of an e-mail support with TrashMail Plus.

New Features:
- Retrieve now disposable email addresses directly from server
- Use now the address manager on multiple computers and Firefox versions
- Edit now disposable email addresses directly in the address manager
- Use multiple real email addresses
- Register a account directly from the Add-On
- Switch account feature
- New logo & design

>> Here is huge list of Websites offering Disposable/Temporary Email Services to fight Email spam.

I am sure there are many other similar free disposable email services. Share with us by adding a comment…thanx

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