Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Pants

Beauty and the Geek” Keyboard pants with Bluetooth keyboard

Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit from Netherlands is a designer that wanted to create a new practical concept combining two everyday products. He called it the "Beauty and the Geek" pants even come with built in speakers, wireless computer mouse, and full-sized Bluetooth keyboard. Typing on a full sized keyboard on the go just got easier with these strange keyboard pants. The keyboard is embedded into the jeans material and places handy so you can type easily while staying comfortable on a chair or on a sofa. Plus, there's "even a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper.

The jeans don't just allow you to lounge while you type. They also come with a wireless mouse that's cleverly attached to a specially designed pocket. There are even a set of speakers at the sides so that your music can follow you wherever you sit. 

The good news about the keyboard, however, is that it's not as heavy and unwieldy as it may look. Those of you who like to bust a few moves while jamming to iTunes should have plenty of flexibility to do so.

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  1. I'd have called these "Crazy Pants!", I wonder if they are water proof?! wearing these at www.kingston-marine.com could become problematic if I were to fall in to the sea whilst performing marine engine repairs.

  2. Something to add to our fetish range at http://gwenaps.co.uk 'electro pants' ha, great stuff!


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