How to Lock/Hide Your Hard Disk / USB Drives

Simple trick to Lock or Hide Your Hard Disk and USB Drives
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M Hide Drives is a simple to use application which enables you to hide/show and Lock/Unlock drives on your computer. All you need to do is check the drive letter from M Hide Drives' main window and press Hide/Unhide options.

It is quite useful when you share your computer with other people, since it provides one of the simplest and most effective methods for protecting sensitive data from pry eyes.

Sharing a computer with other people is not safe, especially if you have a lot of personal and important information stored on it. This is why you should protect your files and folders in such a way that only you can access them. Unfortunately, the Windows operating system doesn't have a feature for this, so the only option left is to turn to 3rd party applications. Programs like M Hide Drives can help you with this. It's a simple Windows program that can lock or hide any system partition and even USB memory sticks or optical drives. This will make the data stored on them completely protected from unauthorized users.

Being a Windows application, M Hide Drives is very simple to install and also very simple to use, without requiring any special skills or experience. When launched for the first time, the program will ask the user to enter the master password that will be used for accessing the program. 

Without the password, all the drivers locked or hidden cannot be restored, even if booting from the DOS mode. After the password is set, the user will be displayed a simple interface, from where he can simply select which drives should be locked or hidden. 

After a drive has been locked, all the data stored on it cannot be changed or deleted. For an even higher level of protection, the program also allows hiding a partition, making it completely invisible to the operating system and even from the DOS mode. Showing partitions again or unlocking them can be done in the same way as protecting them. 

Making the drives visible again is done in a similar manner. User log off is required to commit any new changes. At program startup you have to establish a master password that will be asked for every time you access M Hide Drives. It is possible to change it at a later time. There are no other notable options available through this tool.

M Hide Drives has a good response time and works smoothly. It uses low CPU and RAM, so it does not burden the overall performance of the PC. No issues were shown in our tests, and the utility did not hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, M Hide Drives can be handled even by novices.

What's New :
- New Design
- More Security
- New Part (Lock Or Unlock Drive(s))
- Old Bugs Fixed
- Faster Speed

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