Download PowerLine 2.1 Android APK - Smart Line Indicators in Your Mobile Status Bar

Download Free PowerLine Android apk
This is a smart app that create smart line indicators in your mobile status bar. It also show Battery, CPU, memory, signal, WiFi, storage, SMS, missed calls, network usage and more. Better than a widget! Always visible, even on the lock screen. 

On installation process completed this app will add the battery line to your screen, this allows you to see how the app works. You can also choose to start the app while the device is booted. You can customize the position, colour, thickness, transparency and type when editing the properties of the line. Powerline is extremely easy to setup, you can even see the changes live on your screen, so you don’t have to change, save and then preview. With the ability to change the offset, you can have a line above the clock and a line under the clock, this allows a lot of variety in the placement of lines.

Only allowing two lines on the free version is quite a restriction, this may force people into unlocking the main features. There is also a very unremarkable add on the bottom of the app, but this is pretty standard for free apps. You do get a lot of different line options, the ones I quite liked were memory, processor and signal.

What's New in PowerLine :
- Fixes in hiding the lines when status bar hides this should now work especially on KitKat
- Option to hide notification now gets you to the settings screen where you can do this
- COOL! Up to 3 indicators in a single line new Maximum width parameter 50% and 33% options
- Automatic restart after update
- Ability to hide from status bar on Android +4.3 in device settings->applications->PowerLine->Show notification [off]

Version: 2.1
Size: 1.1 Mb
Requirements: Android 2.1 and above Version
Language : English

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