Xiaomi 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 Smart TV

New Xiaomi 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 Smart TV

Xiaomi has announced the new 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 smart TV in China. It’s a larger (60-inch) version of Xiaomi’s smart TV with a LG 4K display. Mi TV 3 is comprised of 2 separated parts: the display itself and the speaker box, which does all the work, unlike other smart Tvs that come with built-in speakers in the device’s chassis, the processors and the circuit card for the MiTv are located in the speakers. The TV connects to the speaker box via a single cable, and all your other sources connect to the speaker box instead of the TV They can be upgraded respectively.

The speaker box unit all the ports above. The main logic board is inside the speaker box as well, along with two 2.5-inch woofers and single dome tweeter on either side for each channel. The box also has three HDMI inputs (no confirmation if they're 1.4 or 2.0), USB 3.0 + USB 2.0 ports, VGA input, Ethernet, AV in, RF in, and sub-woofer out. The system runs on Android 5.1 but uses Xiaomi's custom UI instead of Android TV.

Now Let's learn more features and specifications of this new Xiaomi 60-inch 4K Mi TV 3 smart TV

Highlights :
Xiaomi has just unveiled the third-generation Mi TV.
60-inch display, and is extremely thin, it is only 11.6mm thick (at its thinnest point), while it’s 36.7mm thick at the thickest point.
This smart TV sports an aluminum frame, and a metal backplate.
The Mi TV 3 actually sports True LG’s 4K panel.
This display has a color gamut of NTSC 85% and MEMC motion compression, and it will offer super clear motion images according to Xiaomi.
Connectivity options include HDMI (x3), USB (x2), VGA, Ethernet, AV in and RF modulator
As far as sound goes, Mi TV 3 actually packs in four 2.5-inch mid-range subwoofers, and it will offer clean sound and really deep bass.

• Screen :
- Original screen - LG screen
- Resolution - 3840 * 2160 true 4K
- 3D - not supported
- Backlight - Mi / Radiant jointly developed Bottom side LED
- Intelligent backlight - 8 partitions smart regulation
- Dynamic backlight - support
- High color saturation - > 85%
- Motion compensation - 6M60 professional image processing chip + MEMC motion pictures provide compensation
- Viewing angle - 178 °
- Static contrast ratio - 1200: 1
- Dynamic response - 8 ms
- Refresh rate - 60Hz
- Process - Double 45 ° diamond cutting technology Borders
- Metal America back

• Mi TV Bar :

CPU - Mstar 6A928,Quad-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A17
GPU - Mali-760 MP4, 4 + 4-core
RAM - 2GB,Three-channel DDR3
Flash - 8GB,eMMC 5.0

• Wireless Configuration :
- WIFI - Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, support Beamforming
- WiFi Antenna - 2x2 dual antenna, double signal
- Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.1 / BLE low power consumption
- Bluetooth - Independent Bluetooth antenna , you can connect multiple devices simultaneously
- Bluetooth antenna - mouse , keyboard, headphones , audio, and other wireless devices

• Mi Tv 3 Ports :

- HDMI - HDMI 2.0 x 3
- VGA  - 1
- AV - 1
- Analog signals DTMB - 1
- USB - USB 2.0 x 1,USB 3.0 x 1
- SD slot - No
- Ethernet -1
- Audio Output -1, Support 2.5mm Line Out connection sub-woofer

• Audio and video playback performance :
- Internal media Player - Built Mi-Player all format player, Support RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 , and all mainstream formats
- H.265 / H.264 Hardware decoding - H.265 4K @ 60frame,H.264 4K @ 30frame
- Other decoding - H.263 1080P @ 30frame, MPEG1 / 2/4 1080P @ 30frame,VP8 1080P @ 30frame, REAL7 / 8/9 1080P @ 30frame, MJPEG 1080P @ 30frame
- Audio decoding - DOLBY, DTS double decoding audio Dolby sound
- After treatment - The latest Dolby sound technology, Virtual Surround, Bass Boost,To Bai Zengqiang, Automatic volume adjustment.

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