Enjoy Amazing Virtual 5D Sound Experience Using Headphones

Enjoy Amazing Virtual 5D Sound Experience Using Headphones :
Experience the Virtual 5D Sound Effects

Please use Head Phones before to Listen this Virtual 5d Audio Experience.

This is a demonstration of the stereo effect. Listening to it, you feel as though you are in a barber’s chair, with the barber moving around you, clipping away at your hair. As the barber “moves” to your right, the volume increases slightly in the right channel and decreases in the left. Similarly, increases in the volume of sound from the clippers give the impression that he is bringing them closer and closer to each ear. The illusion demonstrates our ability to locate sounds in space; by comparing the inputs to the two ears, we can work out where a sound is coming from.

NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones.

Please use Head Phones to Listen this Virtual 5d Audio Experience.
Please don't listening to it without the earphones 
First  close your eyes and make sure you have your head phones on and have the right and left put in properly. 

How To Listen To The Virtual Barber Shop Full 5D Sound Effect
1. It's essential you listen through headphones.
2. Turn the volume up.
3. Close your eyes while you listen.

4. Eliminate all other sound (kids, pets, TV etc).

This excellent audio clip created by QSound Labs is an example of a binaural recording. Binaural means to hear with 2 ears and as such a binaural recording allows you to listen to sound the way your brain processes the acoustic information it receives.

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